Swords of Valor

Twentieth Game Session

The HELL you say!

Dreams for Warrick. Consultation with Wryde and Grom. Conclusions drawn and preparations made. Travel to Cattail by way of Exeter and Easton. Feasted along the way. A suspicious man in Cattail. Grom talked to Mama Ilardo. Falling Water. Escorted by scouts towards the silver mine. Evasion of an Orc patrol. Into the crevasse. Hellhounds don’t like swimming. Into HELL.

Hellish landscapes. Fear and despair. A river of skulls. “What is your toll?” Wryde, then Warrick crossed. “A reasonable service to be performed.” Grom chased by a torment demon, a splash of Holy Water and flung across the river by whip. More grim and despair-ridden hellscapes.

Grom spoke with Zeke’s shade.

A ruined church. Blood writing on the walls. Shadows, shadows, shadows.

The Death Knight beckoned…



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