Retired warrior from the East.


Jess is a stalwart and taciturn crippled warrior from “The East.” He brought his son and nephew to Falling Water when they were young children. His right arm hangs lifeless at his side, but his aging body still retains an aura of the power that he once had. He is friends with many in town, but tends to keep everyone at an emotional distance. It is obvious that he cares deeply for the two young men in his house, and he takes their education and religion very seriously.

Jess tends to drink heavily into the evening. He never loses control of himself, however. He is well respected and is able to rise to the occasion when something needs organizing. For instance, he has assumed de facto command of a bucket brigade putting out a house fire. He also organized the homestead style rebuilding…where everyone in town showed up and lent a hand.

People are generally not welcome to visit the house… this seems to make Jess uncomfortable, and the boys know better than to have company over.

Jess seems to have just enough money to keep himself going. Far from living an extravagant lifestyle, he seems to busy himself with small tasks around town. He has an extensive garden, but does not actually farm. He has a horse, but does not cull the wild horses. He does not get into a boat. Ever.

  • The following information is known to family members and those with whom they share the infomation.*

Jess has a broken broadsword that hangs on the wall. It is very sharp, having once cut his son’s finger when he touched it. Jess also has a trunk filled with things from his wife. An old hairbrush, some hair combs, a few pieces of inexpensive jewelry. He does not like for these things to be touched, as apparently they cause him some emotional pain.

Jess will NOT discuss what happened in his past. Neither his obvious career ending injury, nor what happened to his wife, nor any other information. When asked, he will usually reply cryptically about the value of honor and the worth of true comrades.



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