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  • St. Lambert's Church

    St. Lambert ’s Church is a sturdy stone structure encased within a heavy stone church wall. The yard is paved with flagstones and a few tombs dot its surface. The inside of the wall is built up, such that the wall is only about five feet tall from the …

  • Coopers Pride

    This Public House is the center of activity in Falling Water. All are welcome to pass a few hours within its comforting stone walls. Smoke-blackened beams support second floor accomodations for weary travelers. A variety of drinks and foods are always …

  • Cattail Public House

    This heavy stone building abuts the town hall of [[Cattail]]. It is cheery and inviting, being the center of activity in this settlement. They do have casks of Arnac Brewmaster's fine creations for the discerning, but most of their customers make do …

  • Barony of Keswick

    In a long private war with the Barons of Exeter, Keswick nevertheless keeps the Kings justice and enforces his will.